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ValueTime Day Couples Games Night & Dinner

Ticket purchase includes a Customized Four-Course meal.
1st Course
Pumpkin Soup & Salad (Golden raisins, Spiced Pumpkin Seeds)
2nd Course (1 per person)
1. Cod Fritters (Yucca cod fish fritters, jalapeno cilantro, mango chow)
2. Coconut Lime Shrimp (Mango chow, Pickled Beets, Chickpea) or
3. Curried Vegetable Empanada (Potato, Chana, Cauliflower, Spinach, Tamarind Glaze)
3rd Course (Choose 1 per person)
1. Carribean Seafood Stew (Lobster, Scallop, Cockles, Cassava, Creole Sauce)
2. Snapper Escovitch (Cod & Cassava cake, Pikliz, Chadon Beni Sauce)
3. Jerk Chicken (Cabbage, rice & peas, plantains) or
4. Beef Braised Short Ribs ( Truffled Planters Mash, Baby Carrots, Guinness Beef Jus)
4th Course (Choose 1 per person)
1. Rum Raisin Almond Cake (Passion Fruit Caramel) or
2. Chocolate Ganache Cake (Wild berry compote, Fresh berries, Sorrel Whip Cream)
ValueTime Day is all about spending Valuable Time with your significant other.
This year is all about Bonding and Working together. This year we're going to play games.
-Couples Family Feud
-The Not So Newlywed Game
-A Couples Scavenger Hunt
-Finish my Line
We have raffles galore and door prizes!
This year is going to be Bigger and Better

Top 5 Reasons Why Women Need Some ME Time

OK let’s get real; women have a LOT of responsibilities. We’re caregivers, goal setters, professionals, great listeners, activists and dreamers. The typical life of a modern woman is filled to the brim every day with responsibilities at home, at work and in the community. The fact is, we’re givers we women. We were designed that way and we do much of the things we do without a thought for recompense or praise. But here’s the problem; sometimes we give so much that we forget that, on occasion, we need to be given a little too. We’re all so caught up in doing things for others that we neglect to do things for ourselves. This can go on for a little while but, in the end, it’s hard to keep giving if you’re empty, am I right? That, ladies, is why I started Some Me Time. I wanted to create a environment where women from all walks of life could get together, escape from the day’s organized insanity and just BE for a little bit. I envision Some Me Time as not only a place to relax but a place to grow together as women, as mothers and as professionals. The way I see it, the only way to shine brightly is if you recharge your batteries every now and again.

Get fit with Some ME Time

Last year on February 8, 2015 while my husband was in Jamaica burying his grandfather and our kids were home alone I
passed out in public.  I was rushed to the emergency room where I was told by the Doctor that my health is in danger.  The only thing he prescribed to me was to choose a healthier life style by losing excess weight, being active and to eat healthier.  On that day things could have been worse.  My blood pressure was something like 200/120, my sugar levels was ridiculously high and my iron was low.  I've struggled with maintaining a healthier lifestyle for years but on that day, my body had all my attention. it is in that moment I made a decision to became actively intentional about losing weight, being more active and eating healthier.

Some ME Time Presents: Couples Comedy Dinner 2016

Here are a few pictures from our "Valuetime Day" Valentine's Day Couples Comedy Show.

Silent Party Anyone?

The Birthday Girl and My little sister. They're listening to two different DJs
Maybe this "new" wave to party is new to me but I never heard of a Silent Party until a few weeks ago.  To be honest,  when my cousin invited me out to celebrate her birthday with her I wasn't completely thrilled to learn we'll be attending a party where we'd be listening to music by way of headphones.   Seriously, have any of you heard of a "Silent Party/Silent Disco"? At first I asked my cousin what  it's all about? She explained to me that it's a party where everyone wears wireless headphones and dances, I thought the idea was a little stupid.  It just didn't make any sense to me, why am I going to a party with people to wear head phones?  Anyway, because my cousin is one of my favorite people in the world I was open to at least trying it out.  I am so glad I did!  I had a ball!!!
When I first got to the venue the music was loud and I was like "Why do we need headphones if the music is already loud?"

You Can Have The Huxtables

Growing up I didn't have too many "positive" images of marriage, my ideal marriage like so many little black children growing up came from The Cosby Show.  The Huxtables had it all!!!! I just knew I was going to have a husband that was silly, one who could make me laugh, take care of our family, manage his time between work and home and pretty much did whatever it takes to keep me happy!!!  We were going  to have four children; two boys and two girls.  The boys would have to come first so they can protect their sisters.  We were going to live in a beautiful house with a backyard and picket fence, go on family vacations, never argue but agree on everything.  If we did get into a disagreement, we'll come to some type of resolve with no issues, YUP!!! That's how my life was to be just like Cliff and Claire.  Please understand that all the things I grew up desiring were the complete opposite of how I grew up!  My upbringing was so not normal but a girl could dream, can't she???!!! It wasn't until recently that I realized my expectations of how my marriage should be was causing a divide in my household and unnecessary stress for both my husband and I.  Not only was he not living up to my expectations but apparently I wasn't living up to his (can you imagine that?!).

A New Year Brunching with some Beauties in Harlem, New York- 2016

I woke up one morning and was like, "I'm going to start my New Year off by having Brunch with some Beauties." Instead of me hand-picking who would attend I decided to put the word out on facebook and whoever was meant to be there, would show up! To be honest with you, if no one would have responded I still would have had brunch by myself! I have no problem going out alone, I'm pretty confident doing things alone! The funny thing is I often start out alone but somehow I always seem to meet new amazing people and next thing you know we're just having a good time like we've been friends for years (it's both a gift and a curse, Lol!)