About Us

PictureSome ME Time, a social events company that creates events for women was founded by Simone S. Gray, wife, mother, daughter,sister, friend, auntie, business woman, etc. Simone has a passion to create and she understands the many hats worn by women.

She loves wearing all of her hats however, she understands the importance of preserving self in order to be the very best regardless of the hat that is worn. Simone loves creating events that allow women to get-a-away from their daily routines, she  creates events that leave  lasting impressions on women Mind, Body and Spirit.

Some ME Time is currently based in Brooklyn, NY, one of the most innovative
places in the world. This city is a diverse multicultural city  filled with exotic eateries, museums, shows, lounges and treats. We take pride in our city and all it has to offer, and Brooklyn is definitely where
"it's" at!

We research the latest trends and plan events for women to come together, network, share life stories, socialize, share similarities and differences, meet new friends,all while having an awesome time. It's a fact that women have so many responsibilities; career, family, friends, and relationships, just to name a few, that the most important person, "HERSELF" is often neglected. We stand firm in our belief that to be the best in any area of life whether it be wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, aunt, business woman etc., Some ME Time is
necessary because when we give ourselves Some ME Time we are  better equipped to handle the things in life that matter most to us.

Your commitment to be a part of Some ME Time will allow you to re-fuel,
rejuvenate, and relax. Our events consist of: After Work Mixers that allow everyone to unwind after a stressful schedule at home or at the office by enjoying good food, good music, and good people.

  We Offer:
  • Monthly Breathers where we host Brunches with comedy,
    games, good food and fun
  • Networking that allow professionals to socialize with like minded
    entrepreneurs/business owners, to expand their business network
  • Day trips to Spas and Wineries when you
    and your girlfriends just wanna have fun
  • Out of town get-a-ways to the Caribbean
    or State-to-State travels to Las Vegas
  • Shopping Sprees, Deals and Steals,
    and so much more
  • We also provide an online presence that keeps
    you abreast of what's going on in the Fashion world.
  • We offer relationship advice, we know the value
    of inspirational and motivational guidance
We're constantly exploring ways to ensure that you are able to incorporate
Some ME Time  into your busy life, or your life that wants to get busy!!!